Dankoff Solar Force

Use solar-electric power for water lift or pressurizing from shallow water sources.

Provides as much as 5600 Gallons per day (21,000 ltrs.) pushing as high as 230 Feet (70m) or 100 PSI (7 kg/sq. cm)

Solar Force Piston Pump draws water from a shallow well, spring, pond, river or tank.

It can push water uphill and over long distances for home, village, irrigation or livestock uses.

It can use power directly from a photo-voltaic array, or from storage batteries, to fill a storage tank or to pressurize water.

Solar Force is

  • Ultra-Efficient: Uses less power than ANY other pump in its range
  • Economical: Reduces power system cost by 25–75% compared to centrifugal or AC pumps
  • Solar-Direct Application: Starts pumping in low light conditions
  • Pressurizing Application: DC version is most efficient.
  • AC version uses a low-surge PM motor that greatly reduces starting surge, inverter size, and wire size requirements (when compared to conventional AC pumps).
  • Rugged and Reliable: Proven design with a 20–year life expectancy.
  • Simple to maintain with common tools (5-10 yr. maintenance interval)
  • Good Tolerance for dirt and dry run
  • Mechanical Drive allows engine or hand-lever backup
  • Illustrated Instruction Manual makes it easy for anyone to install and service, with no previous experience.

Full Details Available for Download Here:  Solar force Efficiency