About Us


Siit Arboretum Botanical Garden was the seed of our decision in opening a commercial corporation promoting alternative energy.

EAST did not create Siit Arboretum, Siit Arboretum created EAST, it is through bio-diversity conservation research and education programs and climate change mitigation action projects that EAST  future partners got a jump start into a renewable energy consultancy company.

The Incorporation :

Alternative energy solutions need different sorts of inputs from a variety of people, EAST Solar Works addresses this need through its four original incorporators:

Eric Hanquinet (Chairman,VP,Procurement):  Familiar with the mechanical, electrical, botanical and architectural environment, he helped create, finance, and establish Siit Arboretum Botanical Garden, a bio-diversity conservation project comprising 11 hectares of plants collection. From the inception of the project all the water for the arboretum continues to be produced from solar  pumping systems. This then being the initial step in the promotion of alternative energy solutions in all its facets from irrigation to solar ovens and aquaculture. Eric then established E.A.S.T., a new commercial entity. His main function: Coordinator and procurement.

Engr.Dolf Andringa – master of Science,  seasoned IT technician from Holland, polishing a quality website monitoring facilities on various new applications.

Engr. Gwyn Balolong – a well experienced electronic engineer teaching at Dumaguete universities and networking with the Department of Science and Technologies.

Biengrace Jumantoc – Contractor on various civil engineering works on private and government projects including wells drilling and off-grid direct PV systems installations.

East Solar Works  is registered as a corporation under EAST PHILIPPINES SOLAR WORKS CORP. with  SEC registration number CS201621253.