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The SQFLEX system is more than just a pump.

With advances in pump technology over recent years, areas that would have been considered uninhabitable have become viable and attractive.

SQFLEX systems are suitable for providing water for remote locations and applications such as:

  • Livestock watering
  • Remote home sites and camps
  • National parks
  • Irrigation for crops

Components of the SQFlex System


The SQFLEX pump range comprises two pump technologies constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel:

  • Helical rotor (3″ pumps) for high heads and small flows.
  • Centrifugal (4″ pumps) for low heads and higher flows.


The SQFLEX motor comprises only one motor size, the 3″ diameter MSF3 with maximum power input of 900 watts. The speed range is 500-3000 RPM depending on the power input and load. The motor is designed according to the permanent-magnet principle with built-in electronics to protect against over and under-voltage, overload, and over-temperature. Constructed of 304 stainless steel. The motor also features a built-in dry-run sensor electrode located 12-24″ above the top of the pump end that automatically shuts the motor down if the water level drops below the sensor.

Power Source

The SQFlex system offers a variety of flexible natural power sources. Solar powered pumps, wind powered pumps, and combo options are available, and there are also backup power options.


A variety of high-quality, durable controls are available that have specialized functionality for the Grundfos SQFlex System.

Choosing amongst the best Grundfos models for your solar pumping.

SQF2.5-2 (Simillar11SQF2),a high lift helical pump for deep wells, and 25SQF7, a powerful centrifugal for lesser lifts, are the two workhorses of the Grundfos family if you have a reliable water supply (if not, you can always lower your power supply by reducing panels)

     If you can have a well with a 4″ casing or more, and a good water supply, it is a waste to use an SQF 2.5-2 (the thin helical type) for shallow wells like 15 or 20 ft!… With 200W panels you will get 2.4 Cub meters an hour with it but even if you add panels you cannot get more.. with the 25SQF7 you can get up to 8 Cubic if you add another 300W panels (500W total) Thats already good for irrigation!

    The difference is less strong for 120 Ft, you can get max 2.2 cub.M  with the SQF 2.5-2 using 500W, likewise with the 25SQF7, it needs the same power for the same amount of water, but the difference is: if you need more water and you want to invest in more panels you can extend the 25SQF7 up to 6 Cub.M an hour but that is a max and would take you 1300W (9 pcs 145W panels, there is no free energy..), meaning to say, at 120 ft for both pumps it costs the same price per litre.

   When you pump lower than 150ft and specially after 200ft the SQF7 cannot handle anymore and looses all power, then the thin helical is much better, it can lift 300Ft..

   So if you use shallow well it is better to use the centrifugal, just remember you need at least 4″ GI pipe, in the Philippines it will not fit in the 4″ plastic (which are measured O.D.!). Better yet, for big volume, use 6″ pipe..

Full Details Available for Download Here: Grundfos Literature