3 Hp submersible pump run by 10 pcs solar panels and VFD.

Lazi highlands 200 hectars irrigation system , 512 pcs Bifacial panels on water tank

Parallel Hybrid/Off-grid 8 x 5KW Growatt single phase:

Solar panel bank 39KW

Lithium battery bank 115KWH

Parallel Hybrid/Off-grid  2 x  5KW Growatt single phase:

Solar panel bank 7.5KW

Lithium battery bank 10.24KWH

EAST assembled EVE lithium cells

On-grid applications:

On-grid 3KW Solis single phase

Parallel on-grid 2 x 20KW SMA three phase

Foundation University north campus power array installation.


FU panels

FU inverter

Direct PV applications :

5Hp Solar Pumping station providing 30 hectares irrigation powered by 6.8KW solar panels,  250meters distance and 26 meters lift.


These projects on Siquijor island (100% fossil fuel dependent) are irrigated by  solar SQF Grundfos submersible  and more often 3 phase AC Goulds pumps on direct PV technology using VFD.

Deep well 120ft siq

7.5HP solar water pumping ,4Liters/second ( Vallehermoso)

Off grid / Battery applications :

This local area internet network distribution (2 long range access points, 1 router , 1 switch) is fed 24 hours via 2 Pcs Amorphous silicon 60W  modules


Residential installations


Mountain Top Internet Relay System

Our 70W panels supplying mountain top internet relay distribution system.



Camiguin 6KW hybrid on grid / off grid residential installation

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