We are able to provide a range of solar products and installations commencing with a single solar panel through multiple panel systems with inverters capable of powering a house or small business to large solar farms for On-Grid and Off-Grid connectivity.


We are able to design innovative custom made solutions to our client’s needs whatever the size and complexity. For example small scale solar powered water pumping stations, desalination plants and irrigation systems.


We specialize in linking Investors wishing to enter the Renewable Energy Sector by providing a range of supporting services: Feasibility Studies, Systems Design, Equipment Sourcing, Installation and Commissioning. We provide the additional supporting services of: land-lease and energy distribution through Power Purchase Agreements or complete turn-key solutions.

As part of our services we are able to advise on projects associated with several Renewable Energy systems including: Solar, Wind, Waste to Energy (WTE) and Tidal-Stream Power system.