East Solar Works assembly packs

East solar works can assemble lithium battery packs for you using 100Ah to 300Ah battery cells EVE, Lishen or GreatPower with Daly BMS.


Great Power 

12V 100Ah (1.280KWH)






Great Power

24V 100Ah (2.560KWH)







48V 280Ah (13.440KWH)











Growatt ATL 6.5 kWh




Storion ESS “Energy Storage System”

Lithium FePO4 battery including inverter/charger all/in/one cabinet. 3kW-12kW..

“We offer LiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate) with high quality EVE type of lithium batteries. Following advantages over standard Lithium ion are being advertised:
– Less risk of fire or explosion
– More cycling range due to thermal stability and over-charge protection abilities”

Click data sheet: Storion S5 for grid connected.

Power plug cabinet 

Lithium Power plug cabinet- 4.8KWh , compatible with several of our several inverters.

Data sheet: Storion Powerplug-plus 48V