Linear Current Booster

A linear current booster (LCB) efficiently couples a photovoltaic solar array to a DC motor.
Under low sun, it promotes early start and reduces stalling. In full sun, it provides overspeed and overload
protection. It also provides remote on/off switching by float switch or thermostat. Dankoff LCBTM is a variable
voltage converter with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to draw the most available power from a
photovoltaic (PV) array. Most positive displacement solar pumps require a current boosting controller for a non-
battery system. It also helps centrifugal pumps and fans under low-light conditions.
Model DL-8A (8 amp, 12/24V)
Model DL-16A (16 amp, 12/24V)
Model DL-10A (10 amp, 48V)
Applications include
Dankoff Solar Slowpump and Solar Force Piston Pump,
Solarjack SDS & Shurflo pumps, jack pumps, fans, blowers, compressors.
• FLEXIBLE INPUT 12/24V models accept 12-36V array
• WEATHERPROOF ENCLOSURE with locking capability
(lock available from any lock supplier)
• BUILT-IN FUSE with choice of two ratings included
• REMOTE FLOAT SWITCH capacity with bypass switch
• LED INDICATORS for input and output
New flexibility improves system economy. For the 12/24V models, the choice of array voltage is independent of
pump voltage. The array can be 12, 24 or 36V, to match or step down to a 12 or 24V pump. Increasing the array
voltage reduces the wire size requirement exponentially. If you have a long wire run, place the controller at the
pump so the long run is at the higher voltage.
TEMP RANGE -20°C to +60°C
VOLTS IN            DL-8A and DL-16A      12 / 24 / 36V nominal
DL-10A  48V nominal             ENCLOSURE powder coated steel, rainproof
VOLTS OUT DL-8A and DL-16A                15.0 / 30.0 regulated   DIMENSIONS 6″x 6″x 3″ (15.5×15.5×7.5 cm)
DL-10A  60.0 regulated          WIRE SIZE        #18 to #12
MAX. CONTINUOUS CURRENT                                           KNOCK OUTS 1/2″
DL-8A         8 amps          DL-16A 16 amps                    (will be combination 1/2″ & 3/4″ by spring 2002)
DL-10A 10 amps
STARTING CURRENT (15 seconds)                                       PV Array Disconnect Switch, Item #10311
DL-8A        18 amps          DL-16A 36 amps                    Float Switch Cable
DL-10A 20 amps                                                    (#18 UV, direct burial, shielded) Item #10325
OUTPUT FUSE Type ATC or ATO (automotive)                          WARRANTY five years
Required rating = full load (max.) rating of load + 20%
DL-8A         5 and 10 amp fuses are included
DL-16A 15 and 20 amp fuses are included
DL-10A 10 and 15 amp fuses are included
REMOTE SWITCHING (float switch) Load
disconnects when switch MAKES contact. 5V circuit.
2-conductor cable required. #18 wire can go 2000 ft.
EFFICIENCY >94% at rated load