DC Solar Pumps

Suncentric surface pump

A solar powered pump is directly energized by the sun via a solar array without the intermediary of a battery, therefore of great economical efficiency as we can store the energy in terms of water rather than electricity


Unlike a normal pump (such as positive displacement pumps, …), the solar powered pump is actually a more of a dictionary phrase than a technical one. It is only used to describe that there’s a pump, being powered by another device (such as solar panels), being powered by the renewable electricity generated from the sun (solar electricity).

A solar powered pump thus consist of 4 parts :

  • the actual fluid pump (that actually moves (pumps) gases or liquids under pressure)
  • the controller (adjusting speed and output power according to input from solar panels)
  • the engine (usually an electric motor)
  • the energy source being powered by the sun (usually photovoltaic cells (solar panels)




Grundfos submersible pump


We can facilitate your drilling needs for deep wells, on Negros or nearby islands, via our contact with rig able to reach 700 Ft, Borehole up to 14″.. casing perforation, gravel packing, accepts rehabilitation, pull-out and installation, deep well cleaning by block surging and compressed air.